Use your shoulder, Not Your Wrist

Effective dinking and dropping relies on using your shoulder as a hinge point for striking the ball with a firm wrist. Failing to maintain a stable wrist can result in striking the ball with two hinge points — your wrist and your shoulder — increasing the likelihood of errors. An indicator that you might be relying on your wrist instead of your shoulder is frequent instances of your drop shots falling short and landing in the net. Likewise when hitting dinks your ball will likely pop up leading to a smash by your opponent. To elevate your mastery of the third shot, ensure that you execute the shot in front of your body, maintaining firm wrists and allowing your shoulder to guide your play. Optimal contact point is from the 4-5 o’clock position.


Always follow through

The biggest difference between a dink and a drop shot is your follow-through extension. When executing a third shot drop, you'll need the ball to cover a greater distance, requiring a firmer shot compared to a dink. It's crucial to balance power with finesse to prevent overshooting the non-volley zone. You can achieve this balance by using the natural motion of your arm to gently propel the ball forward. When hitting the third shot drop, envision it as a dink shot but with a more extended follow-through. The greater your follow-through, the farther the ball will travel. Sometimes follow through translate to a wrist flip that causes the ball to go long and high off target.  The Dink Drop Trainer creates the perfect amount of follow through allowing you to find the perfect apex to drop the ball gently into the kitchen.



You’ve got to be in a proper position to hit an effective shot, which requires you to move your feet. When it comes to the third shot drop, you should be positioned near the baseline so you have the best chance of striking your third shot in front of your body. If the return is short or off to the side, you must move your feet to be in the best position to execute the shot. 
Lunging or rushing to get underneath the ball are all indications you were out of position and your shot will surely suffer. Proper footwork is a must to get yourself in the best position to hit the ball.

Dink Drop Trainer

Engineered to restrict excessive wrist motion, promoting precise control and shot accuracy during your games. This technology-infused design ensures you maintain optimal form, allowing you to elevate your skills effortlessly.