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Advanced Support: Engineered to restrict excessive wrist motion, promoting precise control and shot accuracy during your games. This technology-infused design ensures you maintain optimal form, allowing you to elevate your skills effortlessly.

Moisture Management: Say goodbye to discomfort and sweat during intense rallies. The integrated padding is designed with moisture-wicking technology that keeps your wrist and hand dry and comfortable, enhancing your focus and play.

Customized Comfort: Adjustable to fit all wrist sizes, providing a snug and cozy fit. It offers essential support while ensuring a comfortable experience, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting those dinks and drops without distractions.


Master the fundamentals required to hit with the precision of a pro.


A steady wrist isn't just a game-changer; it's the secret to unwavering consistency. By maintaining a single hinge swing motion, you'll bid farewell to those exasperating pop-ups and shots that narrowly miss their mark.


Refine your swing by stabilizing your wrist, helping minimize the number of moving parts in your dink and drop shots. This leads to greater consistency helping you win more points and keep your court time frustration-free.


With a well-controlled wrist and a single hinge swing, your mind naturally shifts its focus to the vital nuances of footwork. The tangible outcomes are truly exceptional as this training tool begins to redirect your mental focus, aiding you in your quest to master your game.


Refine your pickleball game, whether you're in the living room, by the court, or even at your office.

Understanding the nuances of dinks and drops can be a daunting task - a reality that perhaps gives birth to the existence of bangers. However, with the Dink Drop Trainer, players of all levels can now engage in effective practice sessions anywhere, without the need for a full court or even a partner. Simply strap on the trainer, hold your paddle, and you're ready to go!

Muscle memory is a critical component of mastering any sport, and pickleball is no exception. With the Dink Drop Trainer, you can develop and reinforce these essential skills wherever you are. Watching TV at home? Waiting for a friend? Take the opportunity to practice your locked position and form. The beauty of this training aid is that it allows for continuous repetition and practice, crucial for ingraining those game-changing dinks and drops into your muscle memory.


Confident in my game.

A year of frustration with my dinks solved in 1 day. OK maybe a few weeks ;-) but I'm so much more confident in my game.

— Sara, 3.5

It's like magic for my wrist!

The Dink Drop Trainer turned me into a drop-shot dynamo! It's like magic for my wrist!"

— Betty, 3.5

Secret Weapon

It's like having a secret weapon on the court. Shhh!"

— Wolf, 4.5

King of The Kitchen

This tool took my game from 'meh' to 'wow'! I'm the king of the kitchen now.

— Joe, 3.5

I'm a proud 4.0

Drilling with the Dink Drop Trainer before each time I play has transformed my game. I'm proud to say I'm now a 4.0.

— Mike, 4.0

Tennis Elbow

The D2 has been a game-changer, alleviating my tennis elbow, allowing me to enjoy playing with less pain.

— Jack, 3.0

"I'm a traditional pickleball player who believes in teaching the old-school way. I'm not a fan of gimmicks or shortcuts, however, this new methodology has introduced me to innovative approaches that can enhance my trainees game."

-Steve Kennedy

Mastering the Game and Minimizing the Risks: Preventing Tennis Elbow in Pickleball

Mastering the Game and Minimizing the Risks: Preventing Tennis Elbow in Pickleball